3 drivers to a strong data culture

Cultivate a strong Data culture within your company: our three drivers to success More and more, data is dictating the pace of business success. A veritable treasure trove of information, they are the foundation on which winning strategies are built. We guide you towards excellence by instilling a vibrant data culture at the heart of […]

Data Literacy: one-size doesn’t fit all

tailored data literacy approach

In today’s business world, data has become the lifeblood of decision-making. Companies, large and small, are investing heavily in data literacy programs to ensure their employees can harness the power of data effectively. However, a common pitfall that many organisations make is approaching data literacy with a one-size-fits-all mentality. In this article, we explore why […]

Empowering scale-ups with data literacy

data literacy

Data literacy is a concept that can transform a scale-up’s growth and unlock its full potential. Data Organisation specializes in driving business through data.

3 skills to develop in Data Literacy

tailored data literacy approach

Data Literacy is a set of essential skills to be developed within the modern enterprise to be data-driven. In this article: Definition of Data Literacy Data Literacy, according to Gartner, is the ability to read, write and communicate data in context. More concretely, it is the set of data skills that need to be acquired, […]

How to apply the 6 Gestalt principles in a dashboard

When approaching the placement of visuals on a dashboard, to be as clear and understandable as possible and to avoid an overwhelming dashboard, the principles of Gesltat are here to help you. These are principles (we will use 6 of them) that illustrate how humans naturally interact with and order visual stimuli. Six Gestalt principles […]

How to recognise a data-driven company?

Data-driven or data-oriented companies are all terms that describe the same thing: companies that organise and use their data to better serve their customers. The digital revolution has brought an explosion of data that is now unavoidable in our daily lives and for every company. The way these are used and interpreted is still largely […]

3 reasons to adopt a data culture

Corporate culture is often the keystone that makes the difference, both internally with employees and in terms of performance. Data culture, which is part of the company’s culture, is the set of behaviours, beliefs and habits that are transmitted in the operations, mentalities and attitudes of a company. The thing with data culture is that […]